Leading the FIGHT against obesity, diabetes and related illnesses

Obesity Stops With Us

YOU can help us defeat obesity, diabetes and related illnesses! We can win the war against these disorders.

We don’t ever want you, your friends or your loved ones to ever get diabetes or any other illnesses related to obesity.

So we’d like you to read about and hopefully join in our campaign to help end these diseases.

Below are our 10 tenets. Each encompasses a part of the struggle and VICTORY against the disease of obesity

Get Measured, Be Honest

Make sure to get routine checkups, weight and body fat tests.

You will find out if you have just a “few pounds” on or are really in a danger zone. Please don’t wait. Your wonderful life depends on it!

Be Accountable

Be it spouse, sister or close friend, have someone or someones who help support you and that you can support back.

It’s fun to be active

Don’t wait to make time to get active and exercise. DO IT NOW. It is not an “add-on” to your life, it is an essential part of your day. Be sure to get up periodically and get that blood pumping (Especially for sitting jobs!)

Flip those labels

If you can’t read it, don’t eat it. If you can’t flip it – don’t sip it. Try to read EVERY thing before putting it in your mouth or your cart. It takes a little extra time yes, but well worth it. You’ll be surprised what is in your food!

Moderation, moderation and also moderation

Extreme belongs on Extreme Makeover, but not in your stomach. Avoid weird, extreme and dangerous “diets”.

Splurge with wisdom

Does a good healthy nutritional plan mean “cutting it all out”? NO WAY. Make sure to enjoy your favorite foods in the correct portion size. Don’t overload your body but don’t deprive either! That way you won’t feel you’re “beating the clock” or being left out of what others enjoy.

Joy of life

Remember as you watch your weight and your health to ENJOY it too! Girls just want to have fun….but so does everyone else. If it feels like a burden it may be difficult to sustain.

Spread the word – get HEARD

Don’t be QUIET about obesity, diabetes or any of the illnesses related. You may save lives of others, especially your close friends and family. Learn the facts and be bold about telling others how to choose a more healthy path.

Achievement rocks

No matter how fast or slow your progress, we are proud of you. It isn’t easy to navigate the current environment of fast food, junk food, inactivity and often, apathy. Be proud of yourself and always strive to do better

NEVER surrender

Fell back on your diet after the holidays? Don’t BEAT yourself up!! Get back on track. Don’t let a temporary setback determine your future. You can and WILL fix it. Carr Wellness Foundation is here to help you on your path no matter where you are.

Obesity Stops With Us Obesity Stops With Us
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