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Resistance IS NOT futile!

Resistance IS NOT futile!

Be sure to add in resistance and weight training into your routine.

Strengthen your bones, tendons and ligaments.

Power up your self esteem!

Be really cool at the beach, at work, at home.

Don’t just stick to cardio when you frequent the gym, resistance training is essential for a well rounded workout.

Please get a health check!

If not for an eye exam that led to my diagnosis of diabetes, I may have become more injured or ill.

In fact I lost a friend Jorge Delgado just about 2 months after my own diagnosis to Diabetes.

The last time I saw him was in the ICU, in a coma.…

Just starting your fitness regime?

Just starting your fitness regime?

Don’t worry if it seems very difficult. It will get better over time. 

DON’T get discouraged or put yourself down either. You are there, getting it done.

The soreness and tiredness will pass as you move on to a newer, healthier YOU!…

Water it down

Are you drinking your calories?

Lots of drinks have a LOT of sugar.

Don’t drink soda? Drink fruit juices? (OJ, cranberry, etc)

Those are also really HIGH in sugar.

Keep the heavily sugared drinks down to a small portion.

If you’re thirsty, go for a big glass of good ol’ H2O.…

Obesity Stops With Us Obesity Stops With Us
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