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Invest in a fitness watch!

Invest in a fitness watch!

Just a few of the benefits to having a fitness watch strapped to your body below:

  • See how many steps you’ve taken so far.
  • Many watches feature a reminder to get up and stretch after a specified time.
  • Set daily goals.
Veggie Sandwich!

Veggie Sandwich!

Be sure to toss in a veggie sandwich here and there.

Skip the lunchmeat and just pile up your favorite and healthy stuff straight out of the produce aisle!!…

Don’t “find” time to exercise – MAKE time to exercise

Don’t “find” time to exercise – MAKE time to exercise

Many people believe that fitness, exercise and activity are “optional” things in a daily life.

Not true if you wish to remain healthy. You MUST square away time for activity.

Prevent unnessary diseases liek Diabetes, Heart Disease, Weak Bones, etc by getting at least one hour a day of activity in!…

Don’t take a pill – take a hill!

Don’t rely on chemicals and pills to keep your health in line.

Ok you don’t need to own mountain climbing equipment like the picture shows!

Even a run up the stairs is good for your cardiovascular system and gets your heart pumping!


The show Extreme Makeover may be fun to watch but there’s nothing fun about your body trying to handle extreme diets.

In fact they may be very harmful and counterproductive to your weight loss.

Yes you make lose 5lbs in 2 days, but at what cost?…

Obesity Stops With Us Obesity Stops With Us
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