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Love that donut? cut it up!

Love that donut? cut it up!

Enjoy your favorite pastry every now and then but don’t eat the entire thing in one sitting!

Cut it into at LEAST 4 pieces (the more the better) then have a small snack before, during or right after activity.

You don’t need to cut out a desert, just eat wisely and in small bits!…

Whatever you want!

You can eat whatever you want – if what you want to eat is good and healthy. Moderate splurges are encouraged. …

Beware “Fat-Free”

fatfreeFat-free food sounds great, no?


A lot of “fat-free” food is loaded with something else that you need to beware – SUGAR!

Remember to always flip the labels and read what’s on the back – not just on the front.…

Don’t diet….Meal plan instead!

Remember the first 3 letters of the word “Diet” – DIE!

That’s how you may feel after being on one of these.

A good balanced nutritional plan is what you’ll need to be able to sustain and enjoy effective weight loss.…

Do you “need” it or just crave it?

I’ve often been told that “I HAVE to have the whole bag of chips”

Or the entire portion of cake. The whole cupcake.


Doom will not befall you if you eat a correct portion of your favorite “bad” foods believe me.…

Obesity Stops With Us Obesity Stops With Us
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