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Percival’s Story


My name is Percival Stirling and welcome to our foundation.

On July 24th of 2013, I was given a bit of distressing news: I had Diabetes 2. GREAT!

I had been experiencing strange health problems, high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, excessive thirst and the

Foundation - before

urge to go to the little boy’s room ALL the time.

On top of it, I seemed to have picked up a most annoying cataract in the right eye. But in fact this was to save my life! The eye clinic had caught the blood pressure and pulse problems and said I needed to visit my doctor ASAP before they would do the surgery to fix the eye.

So this I did and went to the Green Lake Swedish Clinic on the 23rd. I was called back in the next day to receive that life changing news.

foundation - chrissyhWell, I was quite alarmed but I called my dear sister Christina Vanlysebettens who told me DO NOT PANIC. She was going to help me.

 She went on to send me several books over the next few months. 20150327_165908
She gets a LOT of credit for my recovery (even though she’ll be humble about it)

I didn’t wait at all to change my lifestyle, cutting sugar and high carbs out that very evening.

I had been exercising a long time but now I decided that was to be greatly increased.

On November 15th, a little under 4 months later, I went back for a checkup. Gone from me was 55lbs and 8 inches off the waist. Size 40 pants back to size 34.

Blood sugar, A1C level, cholesterol, electrolytes – all normal. The doctor was shocked and said she had never seen anything like it in all her years of doctoring.

I was downgraded to “glucose intolerant” – a condition that is PRE Diabetes, not AFTER it! Thus, I now had it in remission.

Foundation - after

It remains in this state to this day with a strict diet and a HARSH workout.

I’m 46 but feel 20 years younger in all ways!

I hope to pass on and help others to combat obesity, diabetes and the related illnesses for  a long, QUALITY life!

Thank you for visiting this site and I hope you enjoy your visit here.

Feel free to contact with any feedback

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