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Julie’s Story

Hello!julie outside

I am Julie Carr, Co-founder of the Carr Wellness Foundation.

I always struggled with dyslexia and learning disorders from birth.

That was rough but on April 17, 2007, I suddenly lost my ability to speak and my right arm went numb.

The news…I had a STROKE! I spent my 39th birthday in the hospital.

Since then i have been very fortunate that recovery was almost 100%.

My speech returned a few days after, but it took a long time to full get over the effects.

Together with my husband, PG Carr, I work out 5 times a week. I’ve lost almost 30 lbs in the last 6 months alone.


Working Out to LIVE! (and Live well)


The risk of stroke is very high with the disease of obesity. It’s just one more good reason to manage your weight.

Thanks for reading my story and welcome to our foundation.

Obesity Stops With Us Obesity Stops With Us
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